Project Details

Twenty-five stores start construction, on the same night” sounds like the start of a reality TV show, but was in fact, a real, unique project for Target in the Los Angeles area. Each store, with its own individual layout, own general contractor, and own set of hurdles, presented an interesting challenge for our team that Target tasked us with solving. We collaborated directly with Target HQ to brainstorm solutions and setup prototype barricades in their development center in Minneapolis so they understood how things would work in reality. Then, to make sure the actual execution went off without a hitch, we set up a remote headquarters in LA to meet with each general contractor at each location to understand the scope, time constraints and challenges each store presented. We then crafted a customized solution for every store, creating 3D renderings of each barricade, and designed graphics for each enclosure that the client reviewed and approved ahead of time. When everything was signed off and ready to go, we then came in to save the day and do what we do best: install everything in one night, this time though, twenty-five times over!

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