We help retail stores get results that are On Brand and On Time.

Start your project off on the right track with an accurate site survey by Boston Retail Solutions. We have the nationwide team to deploy into the field and collect the critical data you need to launch your next campaign or refresh existing graphics.

Get Results Fast

Get Results Fast

With our team of field technicians and vast sub-contractor network, we have what it takes to get you what you need quickly and accurately.

Off Your Plate

Off Your Plate

We'll take on the task of organizing access, sorting the data, and uploading the survey data into BRIX to make your life easier and save you time.

Top Tech

Top Tech

Our teams use the latest technology in capturing store data. That's translated to you in an easy to use drawing saved in our secure database.

Matterport 3D Surveys

We will capture, share, and collaborate with you in immersive 3D as you view a digital twin of your physical space. Decision making has never been easier now with the ability to virtually walk through your store spaces without leaving the office. Contact Boston Retail Solutions today to get started on your 3D site survey and retail survey.

Do you need:

  • Visibility inside of your retail stores?
  • To see the inside of stores to make sure they are on brand and setup correctly?
  • Making decisions on store changes based on drawings, photos etc provides limited information?
  • Unsure of best fit of your next in-store graphics program?

BRS 3D Site Surveys:

  • Allow you to virtually walk through your stores
  • Save on costly travel and hotel expenses to visit spaces
  • Neatly organize your store information in our BRIX asset manager
  • Help you make decisions based on data not guesswork

Achieve the Results You Need with 3D Site Surveys:

  • Launch your next product before the competition
  • Beat tough deadlines by tapping into store information at your fingertips
  • Eliminate unnecessary go-backs due to graphics produced incorrectly

Our team is ready to start your site survey project.

Contact us for solutions that are On Brand. On Time.