Project Details

It’s a pretty universal understanding in construction that things are strongest when they’re anchored into a ground or wall, and the same goes for barricades. So what happens when that isn’t an option? On a project for Mizner Park, a high-end shopping area in Boca Raton, this was exactly the challenge we were presented with because the barricade had to be maneuverable in order to accommodate large equipment moving in a confined space. Plus, we had to make sure the barricades were secure enough to withstand hurricane winds, and were safe enough so that no unauthorized party could gain access to the site. The final solution we designed paired our barricades, with a mesh-breathable graphic and a watercade ballast system that could withstand winds, while easily being emptied, moved, and re-filled by the construction team. As always, we installed the entire system in one night, and created something that matched the high-end aesthetic of the mall that still met the client's incredibly unique requirements.

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