Project Details

Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work out, but for a high-profile project like the one in Miami at the Brickell City Centre, the show had to go on, even if things weren’t exactly where everyone wanted them to be. So how then, do you open a brand new mall when a number of the stores aren’t quite ready for launch? You quickly set up a whole slew of custom created barricades complete with beautiful graphics unique to every single store as a temporary stopgap until the retailers were ready to go. And that’s exactly what we did, bringing in over a mile of barricades and printing over 50,000 square feet of custom graphics over a 3 week period to cover 100 plus stores throughout the development. So when the Mayor of Miami came to cut the grand opening ribbon, everything looked clean, planned and prepared. Amazing what a few barricades can do, right?

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