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We offer airports custom construction enclosure solutions that provide an unparalleled level of safety while leveraging high-quality graphics to build excitement around future developments. Our dedicated nationwide teams work hand in hand with our airport clients along the entire process to plan, manage and coordinate every step of the way.



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Our barricade systems provide airports with enclosure solutions, and have been used by hundreds of brands, malls, and developers all over the world.



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We provide airport graphics and printing that is created to exceed industry standards, and we're proud to offer airports creative and exciting ways to support retail shops and brands.



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Airport Enclosure Workflow


1. Upon review of drawings and specifications, a barricade layout and 3-D mock-up is created along with a preliminary estimate.

2. Typically, the space is site surveyed to verify all field conditions, identify all potential issues and confirm that the 3-d mock-up and layout reflect actual site conditions.

3. At this point a final proposal is created that accounts for all items identified in site survey.

4. Airports require much more planning for the loading in of the panels and other components, and preparation of the space for installing the barricade especially if the space is post-security/air-side. Security badging and/or escort arrangements must be coordinated for the night of install.

5. Panels sections are assembled in place vertically, using special fasteners and connection components that allow us to quickly and efficiently erect the barricade. The base of the barricade is typically attached to the airport flooring utilizing double sided tape with a strong adhesive that prevents the base from being moved. Corners and door assemblies are attached and integrated into the overall system, in their required locations as the wall is built along its intended footprint. Bracing is attached to the bulkhead or underside of ceilings where permissible, and as needed. (This is usually determined during the site survey and walk through). If no attachment to the bulkhead is allowed for a particular location, then A-frames and weighted ballast boxes are added to make the barricade free standing.

6. Graphics and or vinyl cove base is added last, and clean-up is minimal due to the nature of the modular system.



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Airport Project Case Study

SeaTac Airport Central Terminal

An airport barricades and graphics project for high impact, themed design with bright and vibrant colors, interesting design elements, integrated wayfinding and digital signage. This project included a flexible wall system that could be cleanly moved and adjusted as the phased construction progressed.

Airport Signage & Graphics Solutions

Wayfinding, Windows, 3D Logos, Enclosure Graphics and More.

Whether for airport retail shop brands or for general airport applications, Boston Retail Solutions provide high quaility graphics and printing and signage solutions.

Airport Signage and Graphics

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