Shop Safe Complete Turnkey Solution

Build shopper confidence with a customized communication package that includes exterior/interior wayfinding, social distancing signage, and sanitizing solutions.

  • On-site visit to determine your specific needs
  • A detailed site survey
  • Custom design and mock-ups
  • Print
  • Professional Installation
  • Service and Support

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Shop Safe Interior Signage

Exterior Signage

Customizable turnkey temporary exterior wayfinding signage solutions to direct shoppers from a distance to specific entrances.

Shop Safe Interior Signage

Interior Signage

Complete interior signage solutions including wall, floor, window, banners, and dozens of other customized graphic solutions. Colors and branding are completely customizable.

Shop Safe Vending Kiosk

Vending Kiosk

Fully customizable and branded freestanding custom kiosks based on your specific needs that can include PPE vending of masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and other sanitizing products.

Shop Safe Hand Sanitization Kiosk

Hand Sanitization Kiosk

Fully customizable freestanding hand sanitizer kiosks. We can help you design a kiosk that fits your brands and the specific needs of your property.

Shop Safe Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services

Electrostatic sanitization service for disinfection of public areas including food courts, restrooms, escalators and high touchpoint surfaces.

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