Project Description

The safety of our barricades is an often-underappreciated piece of the enclosure puzzle, but for a mall with open stores that still had dozens of other spaces under construction, it was by and large the most important piece for us to consider. At Century City in Los Angeles, making sure that the 70 stores that were still active under construction were secured and safe, was our highest priority. But for both us and our client, sacrificing design aesthetic for safety simply wasn’t an option, so we worked tirelessly to make sure both were accomplished at the highest standards possible. We brought in our best graphics installers from around the country, expediting the process at such a rate that in some cases we were designing graphics in the morning and installing them the same night. The finished products were far and away the most precise graphics installations we’d ever created, and will stand as the shining standard at which all future projects adhere to at Boston Retail Solutions.

Project Details

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